This is who we are: 

Ali Edwards has been growing, enjoying, and arranging flowers for most of her life.

If she could pick any job, it would be to be a bee. And In her next life, she hopes to come back as one.  

And, given the restrictions she is under during this lifetime (being human) she is clear that the best job for her in this form is to be a beauty maker.

When recently asked the question: "What experience makes you so engaged that time stops for you?",  her response: picking and arranging flowers.  


And, this is what we do: 

We grow harvest, gather, and provide flowers.

We arrange flowers - for weddings, parties, corperate events, funerals, any kind of life event actually  - our criteria about which events, and how we design is this: we want celebrate the beauty and abundance of what the earth gves us - take the abundance of nature and turn it into art.


Our flowers are local, seasonal, & organic

We grow our own flowers, but also buy them from many good friends who are organic farmers all across the San Francisco Bay Area.  Lucky us!!!  We'd love to share our luck - and make more for everyone!